Ring Sizing

Brian Bergeron Designs Tire Rings ring size illustration of a a ring on a mandrel

 Ring sizes for men and women are the same and our rings are for anyone.

Our rings are sized based on the Pepe brand ring sizing gauges measure  to the middle of the ring. (See photo.) If you don’t know your ring size  you can have yourself sized at a local jeweler or we can send you a  plastic size gauge in the mail. We do not recommend using flexible  gauges or downloadable paper gauges as we find they are not reliable.
 It is also worth noting that fingers are not all the same shape and  they change. Your fingers swell in heat and shrink in the cold so you  should size your finger under normal conditions. Our rings can be sized  about ½ size up or down by compressing or stretching  (we cannot do this if you have added a gemstone). 


If you get the wrong size for a silver ring then we can exchange it, see Exchanges, returns and refunds.   If, later in life, your ring size changes or for a ring made-to-order  (gold, palladium, platinum and cobalt ®) then your Tire Ring® can be  adjusted. This is a very important feature in a ring. Refer to the material page for more information on the importance of the ability to size a ring.

If you need a free ring gauge sent to you then let us know and we will send you one.  

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